BRC2: Street Strategies E-Course 1 DAY -- $195

(This course requires you to ride your own motorcycle.)

Get your MA Motorcycle License without the hassle of going to the RMV for a road-test.

The BRC2 is a 5-6 hour closed course riding session.

Each participant is required to take an online 90-minute e-course.

BRC2: Street Strategies with License Exam

Returning Rider Basic Rider Course (RRBRC) 1 DAY -- $295

For students that have experience riding a motorcycle

  • We provide the motorcycle in the RRBRC

  • Receive your MA motorcycle license in the mail or by going to RMV to pick it up

  • Students do NOT have to go take the road test at the RMV.

  • Students must provide their own helmet.

Returning Rider Basic Rider Course (RRBRC)

The typical student previously rode a dirt bike or have not been on a motorcycle in many years but feel as if they still possess the skills of riding, shifting, and braking smoothly.

The BRC2 and RRBRC is comprised of a 6-hour closed-course riding session. In addition, each participant is required to take an online classroom session in order to receive your motorcycle license through the course. The 90-minute online session can be done at your home and should be completed prior to attending the BRC2 and RRBRC. There is no additional fee for the online session. Instructions on how to take the online session will be included in the confirmation letter that will be emailed to you immediately after registering for the BRC2 and RRBRC.

You will receive your MA Motorcycle License by successfully completing the BRC2 and RRBRC.

There will be a prequalifying test at the beginning of the course to ensure you will be safe and proficient. If you're doubting being no longer to possess the skills or the confidence to shift, brake, and ride smoothly, please consider registering for the 2-day Basic Rider Course (BRC).

Advanced Rider Course (ARC) 1 DAY -- $195

The ARC is a great course for riders who are looking to bring their riding skills to a whole new level. The ARC is only offered to licensed motorcyclists. The ARC must be taken on your motorcycle. It aims to provide rider development in the areas of risk management, decision-making, riding strategies, and rider behavior and choices.

Advanced Rider Course (ARC)

The one-day course will include 5 hours of riding, including lessons in basic control, quick stops, curve adjustments, cornering and swerving, multiple curves, and more. The course takes a look at a rider's thought processes and helps us discover some of the reasons why we make the choices we do. Plus, this program allows the rider to explore his or her personal riding limitations and how to better use and understand the bike's design capabilities.

All riders can benefit from this curriculum and leave with a greater understanding of their personal decision-making process, as well as the capabilities and limitations of their bikes. 



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